Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I will cut off your horns. Not really, but that’s what my t-shirt says :)

Hello! Yes, you! I have no idea what the title has to do with ANYTHING…

But I do have a t-shirt of that. :D

Now, onto more PRESSING matters…


Oh look! Alas! It is the final dying words of somebody.

I’m not sure who that somebo- oh, I KNOW! It’s Gordon Edgely’s last dying words and you pay no attention at all!? MONSTER! How can you ignore the cries of a dead man!?

How can you ignore the weeping of a small girl, lost and confused?

How can you ignore the anguished screams of a skeleton?

Well, you can’t.

So, because you can’t, you should check out this book (Along with the other five ;D), and put the cries, the weeping, and the screams to rest.

Or you can read it for fun because it’s just such a great book.

:D xx


  1. I outta slap you for using the word "alas" in an irony free context. Haha just kidding. Did you read that post of Landy's?



  3. I read it! If I didn't, I wouldn't be reading this blog.