Sunday, January 8, 2012

Acacia’s… Adventures?

This blog is supposedly called ‘Acacia’s Adventures’, yes?

Well, I haven’t really told you about any of my adventures… have I? (Just say no, it’ll be a lot easier.) Maybe… just maybe… I should. Maybe I should begin to tell you my amazing stories and amazing adventures… Maybe.

Actually, yes. I shall.

IF you want to hear them… (In other words: if you don’t, then go away)

Now, I shall begin by telling you about my Saturday(s)!

Every Saturday at 10:30AM (Which really means 11,) I go to tea.

WOW! I know, right! Acacia goes to TEA! Who would have thought it?… Anyway, on with the story!

So, every Saturday, Tea, 10:30, yes. And, to these tea sessions I wear some sort of hat. A top hat, a tiny hat, a bowler hat, a fedora, another fedora… I like hats. I also wear stripey socks. (The reason why, of course, is for another time)

The scones there are indescribable. Like, SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT indescribable!

Anyway… there are people going in my pool.

I am off to hit them with a metal pole.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I will cut off your horns. Not really, but that’s what my t-shirt says :)

Hello! Yes, you! I have no idea what the title has to do with ANYTHING…

But I do have a t-shirt of that. :D

Now, onto more PRESSING matters…


Oh look! Alas! It is the final dying words of somebody.

I’m not sure who that somebo- oh, I KNOW! It’s Gordon Edgely’s last dying words and you pay no attention at all!? MONSTER! How can you ignore the cries of a dead man!?

How can you ignore the weeping of a small girl, lost and confused?

How can you ignore the anguished screams of a skeleton?

Well, you can’t.

So, because you can’t, you should check out this book (Along with the other five ;D), and put the cries, the weeping, and the screams to rest.

Or you can read it for fun because it’s just such a great book.

:D xx

Friday, October 7, 2011

It’s nice to know that I’m loved.

You see, now that I have settled back into Blogger, I feel all light, happy and bubbly again.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by Skulduggery Freaks that have actually missed me!

Honestly, it’s great to be back, to be in contact, and to be loved.

I’m glad I’m here :)

I know that I’M flying south for the winter ;D

Sorry, to all of you non-Death-Bringer-read fans. This was just amazing and I simply had to show it. Kudos to the creator. Bigger kudos to Derek.

Don’t have to tell me twice.

Just for fun, let me tell you about another stereotype breaker that I’m performing.

Whilst every youngish teenage girl that has read Skulduggery Pleasant dreams of being Miss Valkyrie Cain. I, dear ones, have set my goals higher. I think.

It’s not that I think that I can’t be Valkyrie- I am a pretty amazing actor if I do say so myself. Especially with the torture and agony stuff. Boy, am I good at that… any whom…- It’s just that I believe that something different awaits for me. A different pot of gold set at a split fragment of the SP rainbow. (Plus I wouldn’t want to have to kiss the actor that would play Fletcher. Ugh. I mean… What if he is a total moron?)

BACK TO BLOGGIN’… I believe that I would make a better Casting Director. Sittin’ pretty next to Derek, of course.:)

Oww… I just ran my fingers through my hair but they got stuck on the dried pain.. I really need to start tying my hair back…

I am sorry but I simply can’t tell you all of my ideas, qualities, and general wisdom on the subject because, well… what if you became the Casting Director?

I would be fairly distraught.

That is all, my kind painted peacocks.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh… oh dear. I’m breaking all of the rules now.

First of all, may I just say that I’m in love with this font?


Damn. Well, I am anyway.

It reminds me of typewriters… ah.. vintage :)

Oh! Right, blog.

Mmm.. I feel like food. Australian food, of course!

Vegemite and Timtams.

Not at the same time though! EUGH!!! :P Disgusting.. I think

For those of you who do have access to Timtams… have you ever tried drinking hot chocolate THROUGH a Timtam? Delightful. Utterly Delightful.
Although it may SOUND absurd. It most definitely isn’t.

Oh.. I just explained to my six year old sister how my duck might die. D,: NO! NOT HERMIT HE HAS GOTTA LIVE!!

Of course he will. He only broke his wing, you idiot!


if we do that, he could die, duh!


No he’s not, shut up.

HAHAHA! I just read over that and realised that it might come across as me talking to my sister like that. No. I was talking to myself. I swear it. :)

Don’t fear, he will live. He is fine :D

And now, I feel like having a tea-party.

Yes. All by me onesies.

BUT ALAS!!! I must write my story more. And more. And More. AND More. AND MORE. AND MORE! AND MORE!!!! AAAANDDDD MOOOREEEE!

Not really, I’m just in an annoying mood, can you tell?

It’s probably because for the first time ever, I won’t be the one on stages singing and playing bass on a friday night. :’(

AW WELL!!! I’ll still have fun.

I can scream :’)
It is so wonderful.

Haha! No, I don’t my having a fit scream/crying out in agony…
I mean recreational screamo/scream singing!!

And for a chic in a stereotypical world; this is BIG!

I do believe that I’m breaking all of the rules now. And as a fanatical chic screaming mechanic; it is my job to do so.

Goodbye Stereotypes. Go burn in hell. :D


Saturday, March 19, 2011

here we go! new year!

hehe bit late for a new years greeting i know. :)

I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing another blog straight away. I think it's just the fact that i feel guilty for not writing for so long. I'm really really sorry guys and i understand if you no longer read this. It's ok. I get it.

This is truly a sincere apology for the bottom of my heart. Damn it! i should have done something earlier! Nothing i can do now i guess.

You know, the way i get over most things is by having blaring music on while i sit on the edge of my Juliet balcony until i can't feel my legs… especially when it's raining. Oh the joys of autumn!… In australia that is ;)