Sunday, January 8, 2012

Acacia’s… Adventures?

This blog is supposedly called ‘Acacia’s Adventures’, yes?

Well, I haven’t really told you about any of my adventures… have I? (Just say no, it’ll be a lot easier.) Maybe… just maybe… I should. Maybe I should begin to tell you my amazing stories and amazing adventures… Maybe.

Actually, yes. I shall.

IF you want to hear them… (In other words: if you don’t, then go away)

Now, I shall begin by telling you about my Saturday(s)!

Every Saturday at 10:30AM (Which really means 11,) I go to tea.

WOW! I know, right! Acacia goes to TEA! Who would have thought it?… Anyway, on with the story!

So, every Saturday, Tea, 10:30, yes. And, to these tea sessions I wear some sort of hat. A top hat, a tiny hat, a bowler hat, a fedora, another fedora… I like hats. I also wear stripey socks. (The reason why, of course, is for another time)

The scones there are indescribable. Like, SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT indescribable!

Anyway… there are people going in my pool.

I am off to hit them with a metal pole.