Sunday, August 29, 2010

viruses and holidays

yeah…no i haven't written in a while have i??? nope not at all… well it because of stupid viruses and hoildays… just thought i would get you up to speed the band is……at a certain state so right now there is only dirk and i but alas we shall have some break through!!

and my story is going quite well chapter 5 already and i'm rewriting the prolog. several things have happened and i absolutely love the off with your head moment!!

I also had Tournament Of the Minds today…hehe i was a moose it was pretty good.

has anyone else received Mortal Coil yet? Seriously?…No One??? well HURRY UP AND READ IT SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT YOU MILKSOP!! yes thats right milksop really is a word i am increasing your knowledge which shows that you should read this blog more often!!!!

another thing : bass guitar is aweshum and i'm completely rocking it still!

well… not exactly sure what to write anymore so i'm going to stop talking now……. but a word of advice look out for the woman in the red dress >:D…. ok i'm done now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecti'm going to go write mai storeh!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sound Of Motion's AMPTRAMP!

YUPO! thats us! saddly Paramour and Dirk wern't there :"C.. but of course we still had fun! alias is on the left doing an epic jump! Pickles is in the middle playing awesomely! and i am on the end, shredding bass! yeah. and next weekend paramour and dirk will be there! its just that dirk was out shooting and paramour just moved yeah ..I LOVE YOU READERS!BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.C.T


I have told some skulleh fans that i would post my picture up here so....yup dats it! someone called me tom percival in disguise and i went..'hehe i wish.'...and i can't think ofanything else to say so im going to stop now! and as i didn't show you guys yesterday with the awesomeness band jumps i shall post some pictures!

6 hours and sore fingers

heya guys! guess what? today alias and pickles came over and we had a band practice...for 6 hours..hehe fun. the name of the band has been chosen and we now have a facebook page for it :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sound Of Motion is what our epically awesomenessosity band is called! we are awesome and write our own songs....yeah. we took some awesome trampoline shots of us with our instruments and ...well there isnt much to say as i am tierd right now and should probably go to bed....yeah that sounds like a good idea.......goodnight

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i feel as if i should write a new page but i don't know what to write about...maybe my day... yup! ok so........yeah im no good at that i do remember something though! we had a class party and i didn't have to do my whaling speech MWAHAHAHAHA! yeah thats all i kinda remember.

the band is going good aswell thanx for asking...we are learning some songs...with some names....hey have you heard of 'SAYD'? it's a completely utterly awesome band who goes to my school...and they are 2 of my friends brothers and the other 2 are just awesome :D seriously look up SAYD or i will eat seriously. SAYD stands for Strangers At Your Door if you were wondering.....probably not.

why am i talking about another band? i have no idea...oh guess what? no you can't you are a computer...but anywayin my story i have 42ish pages! (since im going to divide the pages like most books)................................................15 mins later!

im playing bass now :D and i have nothing left to read so bye....FOR NOW

thats inspiring....

1 comments......failed blog
i don't know why im writing this it feels i shall stop now.....
as you don't know but i do we have a fifth member to the band, so i shall now re-write the peoples list!:

Acacia: Bass/Vocals (back up i think.)
Dirk: drums
Pickles: backdrop guitar
Alias: lead guitar
and the completely wonderful friend who is acctually in my story...Paramour!: Piano/Keyboard

tadahhh!! i have officailly written that so now im bored....with a speech....that im supposed to write....but i left it at my locker....where i can't get to it now....and the speech is due tomorrow...even though we are having a class party...and i have made cake for this party....and i think im addicted to these dots....yup definaly................................

ok i think im all good.i was going to do my speech on why we shouldn't do speeches but of course my teacher said 'oh it's not good enough for you, your too bright for that!' and i went...thought ' well you fail me at everything except for creative writing! why not speeches too?!?!?!?!' but of course if i said that i might get kicked......yes thats right my teacher is so evil she might kick me...well not just me...everyone...except for Paramour -_-'.

i really think i should stop writing now but for some reason i don't want to...I HAVE A NEED TO WRITE!!!....well i could always write my i shall...and draw my apparently awesome manga characters!

but of course i musst repeat this: 1 comments...FAILED BLOG!!!

k thanx byee!..............i've kinda finished so you can stop reading now.....i said stop reading........................................................................................................................................................................DAMN IT OBEY MEE!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh, i can't believe my eyes. and in my bones i feel the warmth thats coming from inside....

oh i feel so loved! a follower! a real follower! but of course i know the person...its still counts :D and guess what pickles didn't even know that i had a blog and now he knows because i told him to read it so he read it.....yeah...well now im off to try and get off my facebook addiction and write a speech about whaling...oh joy its going to be so much fun! (WARNING SARCASM MAY BE USED HERE!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Why hello again there nobody! i don't know why im talking to you but i hello! today i learnt how to write in old english...its really weird and here is no 'c' or 'y'...haha look it spells cory! moving on today at lunch me and my friends consulted and we now have another member of my band

Me: Bass/ vocals
Dirk: drums
Pickles: Backdrop guitar
Alias: lead guitar and possibly lead vocals :D

we have also picked out a name for our band... Involuntary Threshold....which incase you dont know it means Unintentional told by dictionary .com seee vvvv

Threshold - any place or point of entering or beginning: the threshold of a new career.
Involuntary - unintentional; unconscious: an involuntary gesture.

so yeah... i don't have much to say right now but i have to go as i am acctually in 2 bands ...the friends one - Involuntary Threshold

Friday, July 23, 2010

Song Blank :P

hello again!...nobody.
as you don't know i am in a band. yes i know its amazing. Anyway these are the happy members of the band

Acacia: Bassist/Vocalist (for now)
Dirk: Drums
Pickles: Guitar
and we still need a pianist :'C

obviously i didn't use the real names and i only will if my friends want me to..unless of course you really think his name is pickles

and since i can't get one song that we are learning out of my head i decided to post it here:


ok i'm all better now...anyone acctually know what that song is?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


GAH SO EXCITED I JUST HAD TO POST THIS! did you know that there is a The Nightmare Before Christmas 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know im shocked too! it's called oogies revenge! You know how in the first one jack goes walking for a whole night into the forest and then finds the trees with all of the different holidays? well, Oogie boogie get resurected and trys to kidnap all of the rulers of the towns:Cupid, St partick, A Pilgrim, The easter bunny and of course SANDY CLAWS!!! but of course i am devestated as they don't have the movie on e-bay... only the game which i can't get anyway for tis only on PS2 and XBOX! ...i have an x-box 360 elite..yeah there is a diffference..ugh well thats it and now im sad I SHALL TRY TO FIND THE MOVIE! BYE!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


.....still no point in writing..but my life has been disconnected :'C yes thats right facebook is down for maintenence so i am left here to write to nobody :''''''C <<< hehe. he has a long face...anywho, i tought i might let you know that my story is going well..have i told you about it? if i haven't then im writing a story...if i have then ignore what i just said...well yes it is going all to well and my selected awesome freinds who i have chosen to review and edit it are very extremely does help to be in top english though...YAY FOR ADAM! adam is one of the awesome characters in mai book...except he isnt acctually for all of you (none of you) people out there wondering what he is guess and ill tell you later...for now i want another tea :D love from your awesomeness, weird, crazy, beloved, obbsessing...Acacia Volt XD

Monday, July 12, 2010


well since im bored i thought i might write a reeeeeeaaaaaaaaally long blog but now i don't see the point at all for nobody ever reads this and most probably never ever will....EVER!!! leave me alone with my lonelyness and sorrow....wah.. ok all good so you can come back now NOBODY!! well since nobody is going to read this i may aswell fill it up with knowledge....nope i can't be bothered in the next one i shall tell NOBODY! about random facts....yup here its just me nobody and Keft....seriously don't ask about Keft...itsa looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story

Skeleton Obsession?

well hello there, even though no one is reading this when you do i shall say hello again. I'm not quite sure how to start this off so i think i will just start. I was in sydney last week, yes it was fun but it wasn't fun at all as i face planted on ice.....hush. Paddy's Markets was awesome, 45 minutes ina single stall surrounded by skeletons it wasn't skulduggery pleasant :'(. It was jack skellington, but never the less its was still skeleon things so i ended up getting; 1 Jack skellington's skull bag, 1 Jack Skellington keychain (it broke and i think i lost it on the plane as you can tell i am devestated.), 2 rolls of Jack Skellington sticky tape :D!!!, and 3 Jack skellington badges, and of course to show im not utterly and completely obbsesed with skeletons i have also gotten a blue light jacket thingy.....o. and now i shall leave you as i go on facebook but first a word from my sponser....person thingyo

██████████████▄ ▐█▄▄▄▄█▌
▄▄▄██████████████▀ FAIL WHALE!!!!
for all of your failing needs in your failed everyday life!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


5 year old's birthday partys can be annoying. especially when they say the crown that you've made has monsters on it.....SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT IS NOT A MONSTER! HE SAVED THE WORLD ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS! get it right people seriously... woaw derek awesome people think alike i too am going to name my dog sherlock! XD