Friday, October 7, 2011

Don’t have to tell me twice.

Just for fun, let me tell you about another stereotype breaker that I’m performing.

Whilst every youngish teenage girl that has read Skulduggery Pleasant dreams of being Miss Valkyrie Cain. I, dear ones, have set my goals higher. I think.

It’s not that I think that I can’t be Valkyrie- I am a pretty amazing actor if I do say so myself. Especially with the torture and agony stuff. Boy, am I good at that… any whom…- It’s just that I believe that something different awaits for me. A different pot of gold set at a split fragment of the SP rainbow. (Plus I wouldn’t want to have to kiss the actor that would play Fletcher. Ugh. I mean… What if he is a total moron?)

BACK TO BLOGGIN’… I believe that I would make a better Casting Director. Sittin’ pretty next to Derek, of course.:)

Oww… I just ran my fingers through my hair but they got stuck on the dried pain.. I really need to start tying my hair back…

I am sorry but I simply can’t tell you all of my ideas, qualities, and general wisdom on the subject because, well… what if you became the Casting Director?

I would be fairly distraught.

That is all, my kind painted peacocks.


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