Wednesday, July 21, 2010


.....still no point in writing..but my life has been disconnected :'C yes thats right facebook is down for maintenence so i am left here to write to nobody :''''''C <<< hehe. he has a long face...anywho, i tought i might let you know that my story is going well..have i told you about it? if i haven't then im writing a story...if i have then ignore what i just said...well yes it is going all to well and my selected awesome freinds who i have chosen to review and edit it are very extremely does help to be in top english though...YAY FOR ADAM! adam is one of the awesome characters in mai book...except he isnt acctually for all of you (none of you) people out there wondering what he is guess and ill tell you later...for now i want another tea :D love from your awesomeness, weird, crazy, beloved, obbsessing...Acacia Volt XD

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