Thursday, July 22, 2010


GAH SO EXCITED I JUST HAD TO POST THIS! did you know that there is a The Nightmare Before Christmas 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know im shocked too! it's called oogies revenge! You know how in the first one jack goes walking for a whole night into the forest and then finds the trees with all of the different holidays? well, Oogie boogie get resurected and trys to kidnap all of the rulers of the towns:Cupid, St partick, A Pilgrim, The easter bunny and of course SANDY CLAWS!!! but of course i am devestated as they don't have the movie on e-bay... only the game which i can't get anyway for tis only on PS2 and XBOX! ...i have an x-box 360 elite..yeah there is a diffference..ugh well thats it and now im sad I SHALL TRY TO FIND THE MOVIE! BYE!

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